March 10, 2020

📦 Components

  • Zhaotong P. will be leading Thumbprint Web efforts going forward. Zhaotong joins the Thumbprint extended family with Mallika P. on Android and Kevin B. on iOS.
  • The FAB components for iOS and Android have shipped! It is in progress for web. (Eric S., Patrick A.)
  • Modal and ModalCurtain for web are being converted to TypeScript. (Giles L.)
  • We’ve gathered and are analyzing results for the Android design systems survey. Thanks to those that filled it out! (Mallika P.)

🍭 Design

  • Email reviews are continuing with final component spec delivery starting this week. (Jon K.)
  • We’re wrapping up design work on improvements to the Modal components. (Lucas S.)

📖 Documentation

  • Email documentation is ready and will be integrated once components are finalized. (Daniel O., Tom G.)
  • We’re changing the layout of the thumbprint.design component overview page to make easier to search and filter components by platform. (Daniel O., Tom G.)
  • We’ve created a component adoption tracker in Coda. (Daniel O.)
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