Responsive layouts, automatically aligned.


The grid system is foundation for most page-level layouts.

  • The grid can contain any number of columns divisable by 12.
  • The gutter between columns defaults to 16px with options for 32px gutter or no gutter.
  • Columns inside the grid can adjust their width at any breakpoint.


  1. Grids are almost always used with a wrapper, as in Figure 1. Using the Wrap component the grid has a max-width of 946px and is centered.
  2. Without the wrap the grid will run the full width of the viewport, shown in Figure 2.
Grid with wrap

Figure 1

Grid default

Figure 2


By default grid columns will stack. The widths of the grid columns can be changed at each breakpoint.

Multi-row wrapping

Columns can also used to create more complicated layouts. Below are three columns that change width and wrap according to values specified for each breakpoint.

  • By default all columns are stacked.
  • Above the “small” breakpoint the first column spans the last two, which are side-by-side.
  • Above the “medium” breakpoint all columns are in one row with the first at 50% width and the remaining columns 25% each.