Help us improve Thumbprint.

A design system only works when there’s input from a wider team. We encourage contributions both big and small from designers and developers.

Ways to contribute

1. Suggest a design change or bug fix

See something that needs a tweak or uncover a bug in one of our components? Let us know and we will determine how best to get your concern addressed. You can also file an issue in the Thumbprint GitHub repository.

2. Propose guidelines or components

Each quarter we tackle new Toolkits, but we welcome suggestions for new or existing ones. Capturing existing use cases while allowing for future flexibility is always a challenge and we want to know if we’ve missed the mark.

3. Volunteer to work on a Toolkit

If you have a particular area of interest and would like to work on the design or development of a Toolkit reach out to us. We’ll help you determine how to get started and the steps to completion.


In our GitHub repository we maintain a CONTRIBUTING.md file that contains developer-specific instructions for contributing code to Thumbprint.