Brand assets

Logos and marks.

Thumbtack, Inc. (“Thumbtack”) is the owner of its trademarks and logos below. Thumbtack is making its badges available only to individuals and companies who have been separately authorized to use these brand assets to promote Thumbtack. You do not have authorization to modify Thumbtack’s trademarks and logos contained within the badges, and you are only authorized to use these brand assets to promote Thumbtack or your products and services that you offer through Thumbtack pursuant to the terms of the separate agreement between you and Thumbtack.

In using Thumbtack’s trademarks, always provide appropriate credit lines in your communications on your website or any other written materials. For example, “Thumbtack and the T Logos are trademarks of Thumbtack, Inc.”

The brand assets should appear no smaller than 18px wide for the logo-mark, no smaller than 80px wide for the logo-type, and no smaller than 30px wide for the app icons.