Advanced tooltip for showing detailed content


The default popover contains a header, a text description, and a button. This popover can exist on its own or in a series of popovers.

Note: If the popover is a part of a series, the CTA copy should reflect this by saying something along the lines of “Next” and “Done” to indicate progress in the series.

As a series

Popovers are best used for tutorials and walkthroughs and thus need to be strung together as a series of tips. To best achieve this, make sure the developer is aware of the steps in the flow, and write content that makes it clear that there is a progression in the series.

If a back button is needed, use the link variant to include a back button for the series.

Behavior and Nubbin Positioning

Popovers are triggered during onboarding, any first time user experience, or an announcement of a new feature. The nubbin of the popover should be positioned to point to the feature/area the popover is referencing for best context.

The nubbin can be placed at the start, middle, or end of each of the 4 sides of the popover.


Popovers can contain a link next to the button to link to more information or to provide the user with a back affordance for series of popovers.

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