Thumbprint is the design system for Thumbtack products.

Thumbprint is a living system that streamlines the design and development process through consolidation, standardization, and documentation. By reducing decision-making friction, we free teams to focus on higher-order problems while increasing quality and consistency for Thumbtack’s customers.


Build with a consistent process

We use toolkits to help us identify, prioritize, and scope our work. Toolkits capture broad concepts, like typography or color, and smaller ones, like pills and loaders. We build only what is essential after considering stakeholder feedback, accessibility requirements, and future use cases.

Communicate and document everything

Providing clear references and dependable tools are critical to the success of Thumbprint. This is accomplished by creating a shared language for designers and developers, responding quickly to questions, continually communicating changes, and refining our documentation to ensure quick and reliable results.

Encourage collaboration and feedback

Encouraging contributions and constructive criticism helps establish trust with teams and promotes the system as a shared resource with a transparent process. By spreading system thinking to a wider, diverse group, we also form greater clarity about what to build and, equally important, what not to build.


Photo of Aaron
Aaron Bailey

Product Design Manager

Aaron leads the team, plans the work, provides design guidance, and keeps us on track.

Photo of Jon
Jon Kerwin

Product Designer

Jon conducts the design audits, establishes guidelines, and builds and manages the design assets for the system.

Photo of Daniel
Daniel O’Connor

UI Developer

Daniel spearheads our React efforts, creates and maintains components, documentation, and infrastructure tools.

Photo of Tom
Tom Genoni

UI Developer

Tom designs and builds internal tools, writes and manages documentation, and creates and maintains components.