October 22, 2019

πŸŽ‰ Welcome, Lucas!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Design System team. Lucas Smith joins us from Airbnb and will be helping us strengthen and evolve Thumbprint. He has broad development and design experience across web and native and has already make significant contributions to the team.

πŸ“± Native

  • Text Input and Text Area components for Android are now available. (Mallika P.)
  • The iOS Button component is now available in a small size. (Kevin B.)
  • The Chip components for iOS are in progress. (Andrew W.)

🍭 Design

  • Native layouts in Figma are the new starting point for native designs. Layouts have global margin, status bars, headers, navigation, indicators, etc. all built in with the right constraints and an empty body section. (Jon K.)
  • We now have partial and full sheets as part of our system. (Jon K.)
  • Also newly added: chips & FABs, iOS headers, native small buttons, new button icon option, app download buttons. (Jon K.)
  • And recently updated: components for cards and carousel and native bottom navigation. (Jon K.)

πŸ–₯ Web

  • Many of our components are now written in TypeScript. (Giles L.)
  • The Checkbox and Radio React component now have an isRequired prop. (Brian L.)
  • The Checkbox React component now has a value prop. (Andre G.)
  • Thumbprint Tokens are now published as TypeScript. (Giles L.)

πŸ€– Infrastructure

  • Icons in the Thumbprint Icons codebase are now pulled in from Figma through their API. This replaces a previous error-prone and time consuming manual process. (Giles L., Jon K., Daniel O.)
  • A few pages on thumbprint.design are now powered by Netlify CMS. This will make it easier for native engineers and designers to contribute documentation to Thumbprint. (Daniel O.)
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