September 24, 2019

📱 Native

  • We’ve launched 3 new components on Android. These components are Radio, ShadowCard, and Carousel. (Brian T. and Dominic Z.)
  • iOS now has a ShadowCard component. (Chris C.)
  • The iOS navigation bar redesign has shipped. (Kevin B.)
  • The Button component now supports icons that appear to the right of the text. (Bryan J.)

🖥 Web

  • Box shadow tokens and Atomic classes have been added.
  • We’re converting Thumbprint to TypeScript. FormNote, Grid, and LoaderDots have been converted. (Giles L.)
  • Our Image component now supports forceEarlyRender prop that disables lazy loading and hardcodes the sizes value. This can be helpful for above-the-fold images on server-side rendered pages.
  • We’ve added a heightAboveSmall prop to ModalDefault that lets developers customize the height of the modal at viewports larger than the small breakpoint. (Jichan P.)
  • The Button and Link components now support an iconRight prop. Previously icons could only be added to the left of the text. (Giles L.)
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