August 20, 2019

📱 Native

  • Luke B. handed off his Android TextArea and TextInput work to Mallika P. It is ~85% done. (Mallika P.)
  • Work on Radio and Checkbox for Android is in progress. We had an API review last Friday. (Brian T.)
  • Android developers can now use four Shadow tokens to control elevation. (Will M.)
  • Bottom Sheets work on iOS kicked off with an API review earlier this week. (Daniel S.)
  • Work on Cards and Carousels for both iOS and Android is starting early next week. (Chris C. and Dominic Z.)

🍭 Design

  • Design is finalizing bottom sheets, layouts V2, headers, chips, cards & carousels, and a few other small components. (Jon K.)

🖥 Web

  • Multiple aspect ratios based on viewport width are now available in the ImageServiceProvider component in website. (Tom G.)
  • The DatePicker month prop is now externally controlled. This was a breaking change in Thumbprint React. (Giles L.)
  • The Carousel component is now written as hooks and an animation bug has been fixed. (Giles L.)
  • We’ve added four shadow Tokens to Thumbprint Tokens. These will later be available within Thumbprint Atomic. (Daniel O.)
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