June 11, 2019

📱 Native

  • The Android Button component is nearing completion. (Mallika P.)
  • The Pill component on iOS and Android is under construction. (Daniel S. and Kevin T.)
  • Official Thumbprint Tokens are coming to iOS. (Daniel O.)
  • A wiki article on how to use Thumbprint Illustrations in Android is in the works. (Mallika P.)

🖥 Web

  • A new theme has been added to the Button and ThemedLink components and the breaking-change migration in website was completed using Thumbprint’s first codemod. (Bianca G.)
  • The Image component DOM is being simplified, making it easier to understand and maintain. (Tom G.)
  • Our old illustrations are being swapped out in website for shiny new ones. (Tom G.)
  • Our ServiceCardImage component has been refactored to use Thumbprint’s Image component instead of lazysizes. (Daniel O.)
  • A vertical alignment prop has been added to our Checkbox and Radio components. (Jichan)
  • Visual improvements to our DatePicker component have been rolled out. (Ken U.)
  • Size changes are being rolled out in our Avatar component. (Giles L. 🐝)
  • A slight open delay has been added to our Tooltip component, preventing users from accidentally opening tooltips while using Thumbtack. (Giles L.)
  • A bug and inconsistencies have been fixed in our Input and Textarea error states. (Giles L. )
  • Linting has been added to Thumbprint to help us catch usage of functions that don’t work in IE 11. (Giles L.)
  • A ModalDefaultContentFullBleed component has been created that allows sections of a modal to extend past the built-in padding. (Giles L.)
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