January 29, 2019

🎉 Thumbprint public launch

Today we officially launched a newly redesigned Thumbprint. Content has been reorganized and section links are always available from the trusty sidebar.

We also published an introduction to Thumbprint on our Thumbtack Design account on Medium. Feel free to share.

Special thanks to Jon K. for help with the redesign and QA.

💾 Now open source

Thumbprint is now an officially open source project and our repository is public. This brings with it some advantages:

  • Assist with design and engineering recruiting by providing prospective employees a view into our process and technology.
  • Gives back to wider open source community that served as inspiration for us.
  • Encourage contributions to Thumbprint.

Huge credit goes to Dan O. for leading this effort, moving around a ton of code, and keeping it all on track.

🙏 Thanks

This launch would not have been possible without the dozens of engineers and designers that have contributed to Thumbprint. Thanks for all of the feedback, design help, bug reports, feature requests, code reviews, and pull requests.

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