October 23, 2018

🍭 Design

  • Figma: Thumbprint Web has been Migrated to figma and ready for use by design.
  • Figma Brownbags: Jon K. will be leading a number of sessions to help people ramp up.
  • Thumbprint Native: Work is underway on the spacing toolkit for native.


  • Aspect ratios: As part of the Image Toolkit we’ve added Atomic classes and pattern documentation to support aspect ratios.
  • Performance improvements: We’re working with the Growth team to test performance changes to the Instant Results page. This includes converting code to use Thumbprint Atomic as well as inlining CSS in the <head> tag.
  • Contributions: Thanks to Mark M. and Dan C. for fixing a bug in Tooltip and adding onKeyDown to the Input component.
  • Behind the scenes infrastructure: All Thumbprint examples are now using README.mdx files. Learn more about the change.
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