October 9, 2018

⛳ GSDs

  • Coming Up: Our Q4 plans have us focused on Thumbprint Native, page performance on the web, and upgrades to Thumbprint documentation and infrastructure.

🍭 Design

  • Migration to Figma: Jon K. has been diving deep into Figma. He is working on moving our components and documentation to the new tool.
  • Thumbprint Native: Jon K. led a meeting to kick off work on Thumbprint Native. His first native toolkit will be spacers.


  • Tooltip improvements: Improved the Tooltip component to address a number of existing pain points.
  • Thumbprint Native: The design systems team is working with native engineers to bring Thumbprint to native. Work in Q4 will focus on standardizing foundational elements such as color, type, and spacing as well as publishing Thumbprint Tokens to CocoaPods and Maven.
  • EntityAvatar: Philipp created an EntityAvatar component. This component is part of the Avatar package and is used to display Pro photos.
  • Open source: Daniel O. is writing an RFC to open source Thumbprint.
  • React List component: Thanks to Giles for creating a React List component.
  • Verically stacked ButtonRow: Mark M. has added an isStackedBelowSmall prop to ButtonRow. This makes it easy to vertically stack buttons within ModalDefault on small screens.
  • Under the hood changes: The Thumbprint codebase is moving from examples.jsx to README.mdx files. This makes it easier to contribute to Thumbprint and brings a number of other benefits.
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