August 28, 2018

🍭 Design

  • Aaron has finished up a new design for the Global Footer.
  • Jon is looking for additional feedback on the spacer toolkit. Reach out to him if you have thoughts.
  • Tom & Aaron have started work on an Image Toolkit to consolidate aspect ratios, introduce responsive images, and integrate with the image service.
  • Jon has also started design work on small changes to the Avatar toolkit.
  • Jon will be exploring Advanced Dropdowns soon.
  • Design Systems is creating a plan for adding Figma as a design tool.


  • The React Input component has three new props: maxLength, pattern, and inputMode. Thanks to Rich P. for the contributions. 👏
  • Mark M. and Daniel have been building out the Carousel component that Jon K. designed.
  • Found bugs in the Tooltip component? Daniel’s compiling a list of known Tooltip bugs. Please add bugs you’ve encountered.
  • Atomic CSS is currently being tested with our front-end team and is expected to be released on September 11th.
  • We’re working on a better messaging system for deprecated notices in our thumbprint.design documentation.
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