Clickable elements used to perform actions.


Button should be used to display buttons with text.

Buttons may also display an icon either to the leading or the trailing side, not both.


There are seven standard button themes on iOS. In addition, custom themes can be defined by calling the Button.Theme constructor directly.


Primary button


Secondary button


Tertiary button


Cautionary button


Solid button


Text button



There are three standard button sizes on iOS. Similarly to themes, custom sizes can be defined by calling the Button.Size constructor directly.

In tight layouts i.e. smaller screens or the user setting large fonts for display, the content may use up to 2/3 of the declared padding before being compressed or clipped.


This is the size that should be used for the vast majority of buttons.

Default button size


Small button size


This size should be used with text-only themes like .text and .link, which do not have any background or border.

Text button size


Set adjustsFontForContentSizeCategory: true to enable Dynamic Type support for a Button. Button titles will never wrap to more than one line, and resist increasing their text size beyond what will allow them to fit in the button.

Public API

Theme struct

public let titleColor: UIColor

public let activeTitleColor: UIColor

public let disabledTitleColor: UIColor

public let backgroundColor: UIColor?

public let activeBackgroundColor: UIColor?

public let disabledBackgroundColor: UIColor?

public let borderColor: UIColor?

public let activeBorderColor: UIColor?

public let disabledBorderColor: UIColor?

public let loaderTheme: LoaderDots.Theme?

public let supportsHapticFeedback: Bool

public init(titleColor: UIColor, activeTitleColor: UIColor, disabledTitleColor: UIColor, backgroundColor: UIColor?, activeBackgroundColor: UIColor?, disabledBackgroundColor: UIColor?, borderColor: UIColor?, activeBorderColor: UIColor?, disabledBorderColor: UIColor?, loaderTheme: LoaderDots.Theme?, supportsHapticFeedback: Bool)

public static let primary: Button.Theme

Primary button theme.

public static let secondary: Button.Theme

Secondary button theme.

public static let tertiary: Button.Theme

Tertiary button theme.

public static let caution: Button.Theme

Cautionary button theme.

public static let solid: Button.Theme

Solid white button theme. Only used on top of photos or “base colors” such as blue or indigo.

public static let text: Button.Theme

Text-only button theme.

public static let link: Button.Theme

Text-only button theme that appears as a link.

Size struct

public init(textStyle: Font.TextStyle, contentEdgeInsets: UIEdgeInsets = .zero, iconTextSpacing: CGFloat = Space.two)

public static func makeForText(textStyle: Font.TextStyle, contentEdgeInsets: UIEdgeInsets = .zero) -> Self

public static func height(for size: Size) -> CGFloat

public static let default: Button.Size

Default size should almost always be used.

public static let small: Button.Size

Small button size.

public static let text: Button.Size

Size that should be used with the .text/.link button themes.

Icon struct

enum Position

Options are leading and trailing, corresponding to the position of the icon against the label.

public let position: Position

Position of the icon, per the enum declared above.

public let image: UIImage

The image to use as an icon. It’s up to the caller to ensure it is the right size and has the right behavior.

public init(_ position: Position, image: UIImage)

Default initializer. Sets the properties.

public init?(_ position: Position, image: UIImage?)

Utility initializer to avoid repeated glue code when dealing with image sources that don’t commit to returning an image.


public var theme: Button.Theme

Button theme.

public var size: Button.Size

Button size.

public var title: String?

Title of the button. Should always be an actual, non-empty string but many of our sources (i.e. graphQL) give us optionals and it would be far too inconvenient to protect against a potential nil value in every single case.

public var icon: Button.Icon?

A struct (see above) determining, if present, what icon to show and on what side of the label.

button.icon = .init(.leading, iconLeft)

Button with left icon

button.icon = .init(.trailing, iconRight)

Button with right icon

public var isLoading: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the button is in the loading state. Should only be used with button themes which have a non-nil loaderTheme.

Button in loading state

public var adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the font size should be reduced in order to fit the title string into the button title’s bounding rectangle. Defaults to the same value passed into the constructor for adjustsFontForContentSizeCategory.

public var minimumScaleFactor: CGFloat

The minimum scale factor supported for the button title’s text.

public var isHapticFeedbackEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether haptic feedback is enabled on tap. Should only be used with the primary and secondary button themes.

public var isSelected: Bool

public var isEnabled: Bool

public var isHighlighted: Bool

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