Alert Banner(iOS)

Important account information displayed at the top of the application.


AlertBanner should be implemented as a global banner that displays at the top of the application. It is recommended to enforce a max height constraint to guard from the banner growing infinitely.

Content Guidelines

  • should be non-dismissible until a required action is completed
  • should have a link to resolve the required action
  • should have a reasonable character count to avoid being partially shown with ellipsis



caution theme example


info theme example


warning theme example


The global banner should always be visible at the top of the application other than exceptions where it may be intentionally hidden to provide the desired UX. Some situations where the global banner may not be visible could be:

  • pre-login / signup
  • fullscreen presentations


The global banner should refresh at predesignated triggers based on when the content may have changed, for example:

  • application did start
  • application did enter foreground
  • main tab bar selection changed


AlertBanner responds to the device text size setting by omitting the icon when using the extra large text size. In the event that constraints limit the size of the banner, ellipsis are used in the middle of the text so that the action link is always visible at the end.

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