February 11, 2022

Welcome to 2022, and welcome to our new updated format! This new structure intends to provide more granularity and focus on the significant changes to Thumbprint. We’ll focus on three main categories of “What’s new,” “Updates and changes,” and “What’s coming up.”

🎉 What’s new

It’s always exciting to get a new pair of shoes. While we won’t don these changes on our feet, these improvements to the product are even more exciting than those new sneakers!

There are two new additions to our icon family.

  1. circle-map-pin-filled
  2. circle-money-filled

🛠 Updates and changes

We know Thumbprint is a great product, but there is always room for improvement, just like any home renovation project. Here are some updates and changes to the product that we’re excited to celebrate!

1. Breakpoint sizing in guidelines

The specific breakpoint values have not been added to the Breakpoints Guidelines resouce. You can now find out exactly where the Small, Medium, and Large responsive breakpoints will be triggered. Documentation is even available from both the engineering and design perspective.

2. Figma tooltips are now more responsive

Tooltip (dark and light) are now more flexible than ever. It’s now possible to resize the component horizontally, and the text will grow/shrink, respectively. In addition, you can also add line breaks, and the height will automatically adjust with your insertions. Keep in mind the max-width is still set to 235px wide so remember to keep that text concise!

📋 What’s coming up

Here are some projects that are currently in progress or are just over the horizon.

1. Figma Auto Layout Updates

More components will be receiving attention on modernizing our design approach. This means migrating the current designs to leveraging the Auto Layout formatting in Figma.

2. Thumbprint Request Form

Are you looking to make a change to the design system? Looking for a new component, have a suggestion for a change to an existing component, reporting a bug, no problem. Work has begun on developing a framework for intake, triage, and execution for design systems product changes.

Did you know?

Looking for a short snippet to help get you excited about design systems. Below you’ll find a brief knowledge drop that is noteworthy. It’s our “The more you know” (shooting star) moment.

The Thumbprint Global Figma Library is the most widely used design library in the design system.

  • 422 total components
  • 259,798 component inserts from last year between the TT Design and TT Brand teams.

Additional resources

GitHub component repositories

Documentation & Web • Andriod • iOS

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