August 6, 2019

📱 Native

  • Avatar for Android is live and includes documentation on thumbprint.design. This is the first native component documented on our site! (Luke B.)
  • Buttons for Android were merged. The documentation is in progress. (Mallika P.)
  • iOS developers can now use four pre-built shadows in their components. (Daniel S.)
  • Shadow Tokens for Android are in-progress. (Mallika P.)
  • The Pill component for iOS was merged. (Daniel S.)
  • The first Thumbprint Tokens for Android PR was merged. Follow-up draft pull requests integrate it with JitPack and document it on thumbprint.design. (Daniel O.)
  • Improved the experience for iOS users that enable the “Bold text” accessibility feature. Rather than making all text the same weight, our regular text becomes bold and the already-bold text becomes heavier. (Kevin B.)
  • The Avatar component for iOS is now complete. The documentation is in progress. (Santi G.)
  • A few designers and engineers had a kick-off meeting to brainstorm a Calendar component. Jon K. will take the feedback and create a proposal.

🍭 Design

  • Bottom sheet components are almost complete! (Jon K.)
  • New native layouts are also in the works and will be a huge boost to working with native designs. (Jon K.)
  • Better/more consistent top nav components are also almost ready for design prime time. (Jon K.)
  • Shadows have been shipped and are fully in Figma, please use them!. (Jon K.)
  • A DS-approved calendar component is also being worked on. (Jon K.)
  • Further down the road, we’re looking at chips, filtering, toggle selects, and icon infrastructure improvements. (Jon K.)
  • Two high-fidelity prototypes are now in testing for the CX team. (Tom G.)

🖥 Web

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