July 9, 2019

📊 Q2 2019 Design Systems survey results

Overall, the results from this survey align with the amount of work we’ve done for each platform. Web scored highest, iOS came in second, and Android was third.

As we continue shifting focus towards Thumbprint Native, two results stand out:

  • We’ve been able to build ~9 components on iOS (thanks to contributions from iOS engineers) but 0 on Android. This progress is reflected in:
    • Higher scores on both the Net Promoter Score and Productivity questions for iOS.
    • In comments for the Productivity question, 6 of 7 Android responses mention that nothing new has made them more productive. No iOS engineers made this point.
  • The response from web engineers continues to be overwhelmingly positive. This quarter we saw the highest scores ever in both the Net Promoter Score question and Confidence question.

Full results and raw data are available if you’d like to know more. Thank you to all the engineers that participated.

📱 Native

🍭 Design

  • A Framer X prototype to help customers compare Pros is in the works. (Tom G.)
  • Designs for Avatars, Title Frame, and Shadows are in the works (Jon K.)

🖥 Web

  • The default fade-in animation was removed from the Image component. (Tom G.)
  • We’ve refactored the internals of modals, tooltips, and popovers to share code for common functionality. (Giles L.)
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