April 9, 2019

📱 Native

Work on expanding Thumbprint to include designs, code, and guidelines for our native apps has started in earnest and we’ll make it a regular part of these updates. This quarter we’ll be designing a number of components and updating our infrastructure to better support our native teams.

  • Dan R. is working on inputs and control components.
  • Jon K. is designing modals and sheets.
  • Daniel O. is updating our tokens infrastructure to support native.

🍭 Design

  • AJ is nearly done with our new illustration library. We’ll be kicking off how it will be integrated into Thumbprint next week.
  • Tom G. is continuing research into prototyping with Principle and Framer X. Reach out to him if you have ideas or questions.
  • We added new guidelines for truncation patterns.


  • Daniel O. and Tom G. are nearly complete with a responsive image component that will make them easier to use and improve performance.
  • Matt P. and Tom G. updated how our Mark font is served to users and we’re now using a version with a smaller file weight.
  • Tom G. migrated the deprecated tp-spacer SCSS function to our spacer tokens.
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