August 16, 2018

Welcome to the new bi-weekly newsletter about the Design Systems team at Thumbtack.

🎉 New documentation

thumbprint.design is the new home for Thumbprint. From that homepage you’ll find links to all the documentation you’ve used before plus some new ones:

🍭 Design updates

  • Modals toolkit built
  • Master toolkit for Abstract
  • Spacers toolkit released
  • Global footer redesign in progress

💾 API updates

  • React components for Grid, Type, and Wrap released. (Thanks to Giles for all of the contributions!)
  • Atomic CSS utilities are now in beta and we’re testing with a small group of engineers
  • Spacers toolkit included in Atomic
  • Matt Bower has added dataTest props to all of our form components. These can be used as selectors within automated tests.

👥 Team update

We’re sad to announce that Joe Jezowski has headed to LA for warmer weather and new adventures. He was a founding member of the Design Systems team and was instrumental in establishing many of our foundational toolkits — color, type, icons — among others.

The good news is the Jon Kerwin joined the team and has already done great work on our spacing, tooltips, and carousel toolkits. We are lucky to have him.

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